Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday morning update

It feels like we've turned a corner with the drug withdrawal stuff. Watts has been less inconsolable and even content to rest on our chest for periods of time. AND, we haven't used morphine since Monday night. Wohoo!

He has even let me snuggle with him a bit which is a huge blessing to this mama's heart.


Although still groggy and weak, I propped him up yesterday with some pillows and he stayed upright for a little while before toppling over. The OT and PT seemed pleased with his progress. The heme/onc team just met with us and said that his hemoglobin levels have climbed so there isn't a need for a blood transfusion today. His platelet levels have also climbed. White blood count is holding steady. They tell us to expect drops in the numbers as this next round of steroids begins (collateral damage as the leukemia cells are killed).

Tomorrow he goes in for a lumbar puncture and starts some new chemo meds.


  1. I've been praying for your mama heart and mama feelings. Thinking about the situation makes my own heart hurt so badly and I know yours is infinitely more. Love you all!!

  2. So glad to hear Watts is doing better! I work tomorrow so if you're up for some visitors, I'm going to try to stop by! Hannah Wood


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