Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another month.

Watts and I will be heading to Brenner in the morning for another routine appointment, chemo, lab check, and maybe some art therapy. He will also be starting back on steroids for the week.

Thanks for the prayers for our little superhero!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A difference of a year.

 Last year at this time, we were celebrating Watts having the strength to push a chair across the room. He was in the throes of intense treatment and lots of hospital stays, but, amazingly, every time we got him home he seemed to be bound and determined not to get too far behind developmentally. We were (and are) so amazed by this boy.

These days, we have to hustle to keep up with this boy. What a difference a year makes!

Day by day, we are settling into a new rhythm, a new normal for our little family. Watts continues to do well in maintenance; we are now a couple months into this stage of treatment and have about 8-9 months left. Some praises: 1) His bi-weekly blood checks have all shown no sign of cancer. 2) His appetite is remaining fairly consistent (more importantly, the doctors are happy with his weight) and he is taking his daily oral chemo like a champ. 3) He seems to be on track developmentally and is talking up a storm. 4) We've also had a couple months with no ER visits!

Although life is not "back to normal" and we still have challenging days, I'm finding that there is more space these days to try and forget about cancer and treatment and just let Watts play and be a crazy little boy. And I find myself standing back and watching him in amazement.

Prayer requests would be: Sleep (still an issue thanks to steroid week each month), continued good blood checks, for Watts to stay virus and infection-free this flu and cold season, and for easier steroid rounds. This past steroid round was rough on our little man. Thank you for your continued prayers!

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