Thursday, June 6, 2013

He sleeps.

Just a quick update that Watts just fell asleep. They have increased his morphine and methadone (and added another drug, Decadron) and his little body is finally relaxed. He starts his new chemo drug soon but we're hopeful that there wont be any major side affects.

So, deep breath. We're all going to try and nap now.

So very, very thankful this morning for:

A strong husband who loves his boy like crazy. I have to "fight" him to be the one next to Watts during procedures... Michael is always, always by his side.

Kind nurses.

Dr Sam (one of our awesome PICU doctors), who swooped in from the PICU and breathed words of life into weary, discouraged parents. He hadn't seen Watts in a week and his exact words were: "He looks so good that it makes me want to cry!" He assured us that we didn't need to go back to the ICU and that the drug withdrawal was just an (incredibly unfortunate) hiccup on the journey to get our boy better.

Dr McLean, who was apologetic and assured us they would do whatever it took to get our boy feeling better again.


  1. Praise God for answered prayers!

  2. Praising God with you! I hope you can take a long nap and wake up to baby who is still calm.

  3. Your family will remain in my prayers. I am praying for peace, comfort and healing for little Watts.

  4. Oh Hannah & Michael ... My heart is so heavy for you & your precious family... I have wept so many tears & prayed so many prayers for you already & will continue to do so... Watt's sweet face is constantly on my mind & I will soon have his picture taped to the front of my prayer journal... our hearts are heavy with you tonight. Love you guys, Lauren & Michael

  5. Amen. thank God for rest for you all.

  6. You hold my every moment
    You calm my raging seas
    You walk with me through fire
    And heal all my disease
    I trust in You, Lord I trust in You

    I believe youre my healer
    I believe you are all I need
    I believe

    I believe youre my portion
    I believe youre more than enough for me
    Jesus, youre all I need

    Nothing is impossible for You
    Nothing is impossible
    Nothing is impossible for You
    You hold my world (Watts) in your hands

    Kari Jobe- "Healer"

  7. Praying, praying, praying for a better Friday for you all today.


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