Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday evening update

Good day for Watts. His infection had gone more than 48 hours without getting worse (in fact, it's getting much better), so he was able to be rolled down to the Pediatric Surgery floor and have his "hickman line" put into his chest. This will stay on him for a long time– many months– and will be the access point to give chemo treatments. Here's what it looks like:

Watts has been a champ. The nurses all comment that he is remarkably calm when he wakes up from time to time. He seems to have some sense of patience, it's crazy.

While he was sedated for the hickman surgery, an eye-nose-throat doctor checked out his airway for any swelling and determined that he was in good shape to have his breathing tube removed (extubated). Lord willing that will happen tomorrow morning and then....sigh....we will move out of the PICU and onto the 9th floor, Cancer Floor. That sounds scary, of course, but it will be amazing to move to a slower paced area with a more private room. And, more than anything, it means that Watts' infection is on the mend and we should start to see the little boy we've missed so much this week.


  1. So glad for good news! Hope your hearts are strengthened by it... Our small group lifted all four of you up in prayer tonight...

  2. Praise! Continuing to pray for the upcoming transitions! Thanks for updated so frequently!

  3. just some encouragement for you....our friend's daughter was also diagnosed at a young age. She was as sick a child as I have ever seen. she just finished her first year of college. BELIEVE. there is hope for your precious baby!

    angela Graham, N.C.

  4. "Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies" Psalm 36:5

    Glory be to God!


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