Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday morning


Watts' has had a cranky 18 hours or so. Because his numbers have also dropped some, they are giving him a blood transfusion today. This isn't surprising or even disappointing since we've been told to expect them periodically. We are hoping that he perks back up afterwards and is back to playing and laughing at us.

Here's a short description of why he needs blood transfusions:

Blood transfusion using cells donated by healthy volunteers can help replace red cells, platelets and other blood components. Some people with leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood diseases or disorders such as hereditary anemias and aplastic anemia need periodic blood transfusions for several reasons:
  • The disease process itself can sometimes interfere with the normal production of red cells, white cells and platelets in the bone marrow. For example, almost all patients with leukemia (which primarily affects the marrow and blood) require some transfusions during their care.
  • Many drugs used for chemotherapy can temporarily impair blood cell production in the marrow and depress immune system functions.
  • Stem cell transplantation patients receive high doses of chemotherapy, which depletes stores of normal blood cells. 
  • *Info from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society website 

He did get to work with the OT on the floor this morning. It was his first time really getting to try and crawl and pull up on things outside of his crib. He was weak (and irritable) but also very determined to crawl and grab the toys that the OT would set just out of reach. Way to go, Watts!


A moment in time:  I'm sipping on coffee that was just delivered to us (THANK YOU!), Michael is in the crib with Watts, Piper is on a play date with Gramma, and Watts is napping while receiving a blood transfusion. Crazy how life changes... and now this is our new norm!


And I'll end with this picture... of our hilarious, resilient, precious first born.


  1. I love her! I love you guys....and it is beautiful to see what Christ can form for His glory out of what our enemy means for our destruction.

  2. That picture of Piper made me literally laugh out loud. So thankful for her and for humor in your lives!

  3. HANNAH, I know your mom. We have been tight prayer warriors in a close-knit group of military mamas. I have moved from NC to Iowa with my husband's job and miss the beautiful prayer times, but still do it from afar and stay in the loop. Thus I have heard of you and Michael and your little warrior Watts (and Piper) We have been praying since we got the news. I found out in April I had cancer and thus am walking the chemotherapy path (with you all)SO...I feel MUCH of what you are walking and the bumpy path. It will always always be the CERTAINTY that you two do have in ALL of the uncertainty that will carry you. Guaranteed. The blessings that are poured down from Heaven are unbelievable. You have a WALL of prayer warriors who have surrounded you - sealed tight. Praying the negatives OUT. And into that heavenly space of your life created by the spiritual realm of prayers of God's family... God's blessings flow down and they are contained. And you feel them...literally, yes? Beauty in the ugliness. Peace in the storm. Confidence in the fear. STRENGTH in your own weakness. THIS. THIS, is the GOOD of God in what appears to be BAD...but God is working. We know. Stay strong. Tighten your grip. We serve an amazing God who brings us to the end of ourselves so that He can begin building us back up again into what He had in mind. part of the plan. Your cherub is precious. We continue to lift him morning and night. We are privileged to be a part of your warrior wall and boldly approach our Father whom we know loves Watts beyond any measure even we as parents can hold, and we ask for Total Healing...remission. (((hug)))

  4. it's like looking at a miniature liz!


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