Saturday, June 8, 2013


We've been overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the love and support that we've been shown over the past couple of weeks. Many of you have asked about visiting us at the hospital and we wanted to let you know that we appreciate that. Things have been, and continue to be, really unpredictable in terms of daily schedule. There are teams of medical staff from at least 5 departments who are checking in on Watts throughout the day, plus the frequent nurse visits for his 10+ meds, antibiotics, etc. and normal hospital stuff. Additionally, Hannah is pumping every couple of hours to keep her breastmilk supply up, and we are trying to spend time with Piper whenever we are able. All of this adds up to hectic and exhausting days. That said, we love and miss you guys. If you want to come by the waiting area and say hello (and bring us coffee?!) please text first and know that we may not be able to visit for more than 5 minutes, or might get suddenly pulled away. We're not having visitors in Watts' room right now because of his compromised immune system. And if you are or have been sick, please wait to come see us. Thanks for being gracious with us in all that.


  1. I wish I could bring you guys coffee!! But just know that we are continuing to love and pray for you all from up here in NJ.

  2. Hannah, I am praying for you all but as a nursing mother know that I am praying for your milk supply as well. I know from experience how monotonous and stressful pumping can be, so today I prayed that the Lord who multiplied the loaves and fishes would multiply your milk and also that you would have sweet times with the Lord during those moments alone behind the curtain.
    Molly (Rego) Jaeger


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