Friday, June 7, 2013

Good news!

We got great news this afternoon! Last week when Watts was diagnosed with ALL, a bone marrow sample was taken for genetic testing. Depending on the genetic makeup of the leukemia cells, Watts would be placed in 1 of 2 categories: either Intermediate Risk (if the test came back as "MLL-R") or Standard Risk (if the test came back as "MLL-G"). 75% of infants with ALL are categorized as MLL-R, which also carries the worse prognosis. Our oncologist, Dr. McLean, told us this morning that initial testing came back negative for MLL-R, and this afternoon he called and confirmed that the second test confirmed that finding!

So, in short, Watts falls into the "best case scenario" for his type of leukemia, which also gives him a slightly better prognosis. We're trying not to focus on numbers (hoping and praying for full recovery), but we are thankful and praising God for the good news. Thank for you praying with us and encouraging us over the past weeks.

Sunset over Brenner Children's Hospital tonight.


  1. Praising God for this wonderful news and continuing in fervent prayer!!!!!!!!!! The Jones' family!

  2. Wonderful! This was one of the things I read about in the ALL Wiki article I read when y'all first posted about the diagnosis and I've been PRAYING for this diagnosis!

  3. Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy. So wonderful to hear "little" things that are so big in our minds - with the reminder that these huge things to us are nothing compared to the power to God, but because He loves us so much they are important to Him, too. Love you guys! Prayers continuing constantly. (Aunt Jenny)

  4. Oh my! Praise God! It has been privilege to pray for all of you and his complete healing. We will continue to pray. Bless you for being so candid in your updates. You are ministering to all of us even as you go through this hardship. Praise God for Him giving you strength.

  5. Praise God for His love and mercy. We rejoice with you and continue to pray without ceasing. Debbie and David Matthews (at Redeemer Pres. Church, Charlotte )


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