Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday morning

I'm stealing a few minutes to myself as Michael runs to go get Piper from the RMH for breakfast and cartoons here at Brenner. Piper. I miss her so much it feels like a constant ache in the pit of my stomach. She is a trooper, though, and her sensitive soul seems to be adjusting to all the changes we've gone through in the last two weeks. Slowly but surely.

Watts is sleeping. Our night's sleep was broken and entailed readjusting his foley, reinserting his ng tube, a blow-out diaper, abdomen xrays (to confirm placement of ng tube), and delayed meds (due to not having ng tube in place. Early mornings (1am-5am) are not my finest hours and Michael usually takes the brunt of my grumpiness. This morning was the same and I had to apologize numerous times for being short and impatient with him. Blah.

Our nurse was a total rock star last night, though, and was a huge support!

Not expecting anything eventful today, thankfully, just waiting for rounds and for some weird thrush-looking stuff to clear up in Watts' mouth.

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  1. You know, the fact that you can even tell the difference from night and day at this point is beyond me. YOU are a rock star (and Michael, too!). You guys have supernatural strength right now - all that you need :) Love you all!
    (Aunt Jenny)


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