Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday morning

Oh chemo, you are a fickle one. I love and hate you with everything in me. One day you are so mild, and the next day you are a raging storm overtaking what seems like every fiber of my son.

The past day or so has been more difficult up here in Room 913. Watts had a hard time sleeping two nights ago and yesterday seemed like it was filled with diarrhea, screaming, (mild) reactions to meds, and a very weary grumpy mama. He slept last night, though, and is currently napping so it seems like he is feeling a lot better overall.

It has been a couple days since Watts has seemed "like himself" and we are definitely missing him. Smiles are very hard to come by, even for Piper's antics, and he doesn't seem to have much energy to pull-up on things, play, etc. It is to be expected (with all the chemo drugs and his counts being what they are), but we are still eager for him to perk back up and play again. He ended up having a platelet transfusion yesterday but that too was to be expected.

So, today we are praying for a quieter day and a calm, comfortable baby.

Happy 11 month birthday, Gideon Watts! We love you more than you'll ever know.
Here are 11 pictures to remember your 11 months...though not necessarily in order.


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  1. oh that beautiful baby watts! he is so beautiful. we are still over here praying for you in greensboro. how can i send you something via mail? at the hospital? keep fighting the good fight. love, jeff & stacy hwang


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