Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thankful (1000 gifts)

For a rainy summer. Makes being stuck in the home so "cozy" (as Piper would say).

For an offer coming in tomorrow on our house!

For the house we love (that's one block away) coming BACK on the market.

For a jolly happy baby boy. I could just eat him up I love him so (as Piper would say, quoting Max).

For the luxury of having a king-size bed.

For the gift of having both babies with me all day long. So blessed.

For the unexpected gift of extra days at home (though I'd LOVE to see high #s tomorrow).

For care packages dropped off on our porch. It thrills Piper and me every time.

For a newly fixed oven and an incredibly handy husband.

For dinner brought by a precious friend... and a double BOB stroller! 
Good grief, I am officially spoiled. 

Chocolate chip cookies and Homeland Creamery ice cream.


  1. I love your lis! I have often wondered if all this rain was a blessing to someone. I will have a different attitude about it now. Praying for a high offer on your house and high numbers for Wattts today.

  2. Your list is awesome! So proud of you, continually trying to find the good even in all the bad!


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