Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 3

Watts is feeling pretty puny. He's sleeping restlessly and not wanting to eat. I'm concerned about him possibly developing some mouth sores but haven't spotted any yet. We just started the rescue drug and have drawn labs to check his levels. Hoping they are good so that we can go home tomorrow night in time for Watts' birthday on Saturday!

Piper came and spent the morning with me (and Watts). It was so sweet to have more time with her because I miss my girl so much when I'm here. Now she is napping at home while Michael works.

We are in the throes of trying to figure out this whole back-and-forth hospital thing; trying to figure out how to pack, how to coordinate care for Piper, how to eat while we're here, how to park, etc. It was simpler when we were at the Ronald McDonald House full-time because so many things were taken care of for us (parking, meals, housing). During the short stays, though, we feel like its important for Piper to be based out of Greensboro as well as for Michael with work. I'm sure we'll get really good at it eventually, but right now it is just confusing. Currently, I've been here full-time and Michael and Piper have been coming out to visit in the evenings for dinner. Michael and I plan to have a pow-wow once I'm home to talk through what worked and what didn't work during this stay.
 Also, I really would like to have visitors, which would make my days way less long, but I need to figure out how to do that with Watts' erratic schedule. Confusing stuff!

Prayers for great levels and no mouth sores would be appreciated! And wisdom for us parents as we navigate through all of this.

PS. A giant monarch butterfly just shocked me by flying up and landing on the window sill of our 9th floor window. It hung out for a few moments and then flew off. Took my breath away.

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