Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ANC update

Watts' ANC was 180 this morning, up from last Friday (104), but nowhere close to being the 750 needed to re-admit and start the next round of chemo. Dr Buckley said that he's not worried at this point and that it isn't unusual for counts to take a while to recover, especially because of how compromised Watts' were at the beginning of all this.

So, Watts and I will go back Friday morning and do this all again. If the counts are the same, they'll do the bone marrow biopsy to find out why. If they are high enough, they'll do the bone marrow biopsy to check for remission and then re-admit to start chemo. If the ANC has only increased a little bit, I think that they'll send us home to wait some more.

Patience is a virtue and one I've always struggled with... It sure feels like I'm in some kind of crazy crash-course-boot-camp in learning how to wait!

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