Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Watts' numbers came back and his ANC is still 25, the same as yesterday. Sigh. We are thankful that the numbers aren't worse, but, goodness, we'd really like to see that number improve. The doctor isn't concerned at this point and said that he won't be until another week passes.

Tomorrow is our anniversary... 9 years. I was so hoping that we would be home but doesn't seem like that will be the case. I have heard that Olive Garden is delivering meals to onc. families tomorrow night... how awesome is that?

Trying to be patient and praying for a better ANC in the morning.


  1. Sitting here rocking on the carport tonight (kids finally to bed so I can hear myself think- ha!), sending up prayers for all of you ... Hoping this rainy weather goes away & that the sun starts shining again in y'all's lives in more ways than one!!! Love you all - may God work a miracle inside of sweet Gideon Watts small (but very strong & courageous) body at this very moment... Praying also for sweet & peaceful sleep ESP for him and all of you!!!

  2. Thank you, Lauren, for your faithful prayers!


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