Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Induction Intensification, Day 2

Watts is sleeping to the sound of 'ocean waves' and I'm watching the mello yello color chemo drip drip dripping into his little body. HD Methotrexate, crazy powerful and disgusting stuff. Hopefully it's hunting down those lingering leukemia cells and annihilating them. Some babies have strong reactions to the high dose of this drug (horrible rashes, mucousitis, etc.) so we are hoping and praying for none of those happen. The doctors say the side effects should peak in 7-10 days.

Here's the low-down on what is happening chemo-wise, written by a super helpful friend (and another Infant ALL mom): "After his LP [lumbar puncture], he will get 6 hrs of just fluid. Then they start the mtx, one runs for 20 mins, then the next will be in 3 bags about 8 hrs each. The clock starts with the 20 min dose. 24 hrs after after it starts they will draw blood to check the mtx level. Then they will check again at the 42 hr mark as well as start Leucovorin (rescue) drug at that time. Then they will check the mtx level again at 48 hrs. If the 42 hr level is less than 1 and the 48 hour level is less than .40 you can plan to likely go home at 72 hrs. If that is not the case, then they will check again at 72 hrs, then it goes to every 12 hrs until it is less than .10."

We should be here for three days, then home for a four day break, back for three days (doing same chemo regimen), then home for four days. All of that can vary depending on how quickly the methotrexate clears his system. After that we'll have a five day stay and he'll be getting etoposide, mesna, and cyclophosphamide. That will be the end of Induction Intensification and then he will move on to Re-Induction.

So we will finish up with chemo at about 8:30pm and then hope for good levels so we can shoot to  go home on Friday night. Sweet boy is ready to go, I think. He has been out-of-sorts and feeling crummy.  Hoping for a good night sleep tonight for him (and me!).

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  1. Thanks for all the updates, and also hoping you get to come home Friday night, because someone has a birthday on Saturday. :) Love you!


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