Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Second round, day 1

We are back at brenner, readmitted on schedule to start round 2 of the awful HD Methotrexate. Watts already had his Lumbar Puncture and is currently napping while the IV pumps him full of fluid. He is going to get blood in a bit and then will start chemo around 4:30pm. Please pray that the side effects are minimal. He has already experienced mouth sores, mucusitis, and rash and now, just as they are starting to heal up, he is going to be hit again with more of the awful stuff.

I just keep trying to picture this chemo drug waging war on the millions of lurking leukemia cells...it has already wiped out billions (enough to put him in remission), now it needs to finish off the remainder. Please, Lord!


  1. Look at those squishy little cheeks- love you kiddo!

  2. Hi Hannah, Continuing to pray for your family, especially Watts. If you get a chance, can you send me an email - lynnkanode@gmail.com ? I want to chat with you about a few things.



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