Saturday, July 27, 2013

A very humble thank you.

This isn't recent, but I love this old picture from June.
 We have been blessed. From the beginning of all of this madness, we have been surrounded and cared for by so, so many. I don't even know how to begin to thank the many, many people who have blessed us in the last two months. Sometimes when I'm rocking Watts to sleep, my mind will wander and begin to think all of the crowds of people who have prayed and worried and wept for our son. And us. We have been sustained by those prayers, those words of encouragement, those cards, emails, and those special friends who sent texts at the same time every night during our 38 days in the hospital. Thank you.

For the gifts and meals and puzzles and crayons (and on and on and on), thank you. Each one, in some small way, eases things a little. A gas card to help with another car trip to Brenner, a restaurant gift card to fuel our weary bodies, money to put towards some of our medical bills, coffee money, etc. Thank you. As a frugal family, your generosity has allowed us to breathe a little during a financially stressful time. We are so grateful.

For those that have mowed our lawn, watered our plants, cleaned our house for our open house and showings, fixed our lawn mower, and who knows what else, thank you.

To the family who have wept and worried with your grandson and nephew, holding vigil out in the lobby during the terrifying early days, thank you. Particularly to the grandmothers who have spent days and weeks caring for Piper during our long stay at Brenner, thank you. 

We are very blessed and very, very grateful. 

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  1. He always gives beyond what we can understand and imagine, and more so when our heart is breaking. What a blessing, perhaps in disguise, to have received His care so thoroughly. Corrie ten Boom said " There is no pit so deep, that God is not deeper." I hope the depth shrinks daily. What a gift we have in prayer.
    Mrs. Nabb


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