Friday, July 5, 2013

(Really) Quick update

We are home, mostly unpacked, and loving it. It feels surreal, really. I've found myself walking around, amazed to have my family all around me and to be in our own home.
Watts has come alive since being home! He was having difficulty in the hospital crawling, pulling up, and putting any weight on his legs. His PT and OT could barely get him to stretch out to pop bubbles. Yesterday, Watts crawled several feet across the room and has been back to smacking Piper when she takes his toys. He is noticeably happy to be home.
Watts and I went back to Brenner to have labs drawn this morning and his ANC is 114, a normal count would be in the thousands. We were hoping that it would have been higher, but Dr Russell didn't seem concerned because Watts' other numbers were still good (platelets, hemoglobin, etc.). We will go back on Tuesday to check counts again. If his ANC hasn't increased at that point, they'll do a bone marrow biopsy to find out why. If his counts are in 700 range, they'll do a routine bone marrow biopsy, admit us and start the next round of chemo. Most likely, though, his ANC will just be in between and will be home for awhile longer till they improve more.

I asked Dr Russell if I should pack a bag for Tuesday and he said that I should really be living in a state of constant readiness, similar to expectant moms near their due date. It's crazy to think about packing up right after unpacking, but hopefully it'll be for just a short visit (3 days).

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  1. Here's hoping for some good counts!!

    I have a friend whose son has some chronic health issues and for a while it was touch and go. She had pre-packed bags and diaper bags strategically located in vehicles and at the homes of friends and family members (for her older child) so that she could leave at a moments notice. It came in handy a couple times... I kept one partially packed for a while as well when I was on high alert for our son the couple of months after he was born. Hopefully you would never need them, but they come in handy when you do!


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