Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Side effects (so far)

Watts is smiling and crawling around this morning, which is so wonderful to see, but he has also stopped eating/nursing. He has also been gagging intermittently and vomited several times yesterday and last night. A clear sign that the mucositis is back. Thank goodness for the NG tube or we would probably be readmitting this morning out of fear of dehydration. Instead, I can pump and we can bypass the mucositis and go straight to his belly.

Once again, his side effects should peak on Thursday, which is also when we will go to clinic and decide whether to start the next round of the same awful drug, HD Methotrexate. My guess is that if he doesn't start eating again, we will be delayed. We definitely do not want a repeat of last time, when this and also this happened. I shudder to think about it.

And yet he is still smiling. Oh to have the resilience and joy of a child!
Thank you for your continued prayers.

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