Saturday, October 5, 2013


Quick update: Watts spiked a fever late this afternoon (100.7). In the pediatric cancer world, anything over 100.5 is not good. Cultures have been drawn and he is being monitored closely. If it continues to rise, they will start him on an antibiotic regimen. He was acting irritable and puny, but he has perked back up with the help of some tylenol and is smiling and playing as I type this at 9:15pm.

Our hope is that this fever has been caused by the methotrexate (we have been told that can happen sometimes) and that it is not something more serious.

Prayers, as always, appreciated. 


  1. You all have been on my mind a lot today. We are continually praying for you.

  2. I will pray right now for it to go down. Glad it happened there before you left for home sweet home.


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