Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 3, Round 2

Today has been a good day! After having the nurse practitioner come up with the idea of using some Lidocaine on his irritating foley, Watts slept great last night...therefore, we all slept great!

Yesterday, the last of the HD Methotrexate dripped into Watts' body. Hallelujah! He is now continuing fluids and receiving the drug, Leucovorin, to rescue the "normal" cells. He cleared his first blood test at 42 hours, now he needs to clear the 48 hour one and we should be going home at 72 hours (tomorrow at around 4pm).

Side effects wise, Watts has been gagging some but is still nursing and tolerating his night feeds. If it is like last time, he'll stop eating once his side effects peak on day 5. Until then, we are enjoying our happy guy. We even got to do a little music therapy yesterday with Collin.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We can not put into words how much we appreciate the prayers, love, and support.

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