Saturday, October 26, 2013

Home again.

We got home yesterday right on schedule which was really strange and wonderful. We are so use to delays and horrible side effects that it felt a little surreal to leave at a decent hour and to come home with Watts feeling semi-normal. He did have several bouts of nausea yesterday that resulted in several outfit changes for both of us, but overall he seemed (and seems) in good spirits.

Next up on our protocal/road map is several days at home while we for counts to bottom out and then recover. After they reach a certain level, we will head back for the 21 day High Dose Ara-C stay. We have been told that it might take longer than 8 days for his counts to recover so we aren't sure when our start date will be. Early November sometime.

Today we start on Neupogen shots to help his white blood count recover faster.  Neupogen is one of Watts' ubber expensive medications. Because of our prescription plan (that we've maxed out) with our insurance company, the social worker and I had been told that Watts' neupogen shots would be $300 a week. When she called with our prescription for these next two weeks at home, she was told that it would be $800 a week. Because she is amazing at what she does and an advocate in every sense of the word, the social worker contacted the pharmacist at the company and was given a completely different quote... of $120 a week! We have no idea what changed or whether we will get that quote again, but the social worker did a little happy dance in the hospital room. I am very thankful...both for a cheaper price and for people that will go to bat for us. What a gift. 

This picture was before the last hospital stay but was too cute not to share. Thanks Anna and David for Piper's bike. Watts loves it too. 

And a shot from today...

After five months of hanging on to his blonde locks, Watts' hair is almost gone. He had some long "bangs" in the front (see bike picture) but was completely bald in the back, prompting us last night to give him a hair cut and even things out. I am obsessed with his bald head. Watts can rock any hair style.

Evened out front.
Bald back of head.


  1. I left work Friday morning with a smile on my face, eating a delicious breakfast, and thinking of my two sweet hugs :) Thank you all for getting my day off to a special start, it was exactly what I needed! Hope y'all have a great weekend filled with all kinds of fun!

  2. Thanks, girl! You're the best! Enjoy your weekend off.

  3. Well hello there, ridiculously good looking. I miss you, Watts.

    p.s. Your mama is right. You're rockin the buzz.

  4. The bald look is cool! I am praising God for the social worker's skill and charm too. Hugs to you.


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