Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Watts' ANC is zero, as we expected, so we are holed up and waiting for his counts to start recover. He doesn't need any transfusions at this point but we will go to Brenner on Thursday to see what his hemoglobin and platelet levels are doing. If they are too low, we will stay and he will get some transfusions.

After discharging from the Etopside/cytoxen stay, Watts stopped nursing which has led the doctors to think that he has some sort of sores down his throat from the chemo. Sleep has also been very broken due to nausea and possible pain. Despite the side effects, Watts has been loving being home and is generally good-natured if he has mama or papa close by. And he hit another developmental milestone: he stood for about twenty seconds today! Our little trooper.

Please pray that he stays infection-free while his ANC is so low. 

Please pray that he starts eating again. Thank goodness for the ng tube or we would probably be back in the hospital.

Please pray that Piper and I don't lose our minds as we are isolated in the house. Ha! But seriously.


  1. Hannah-
    Thank you so much for the update! Praying for y'all! Watts is super cute! So is Piper! Hope to meet y'all eventually! Your family has a super special place in my heart! And if you have any prayer requests/ updates or just need some scripture please email me: lgschoeck@gmail.com
    I am 14 and I go to Christ Covenant Church! Just so you kind of know who I am!
    Love, Laura

  2. Thanks, Laura, for your sweet words and encouragement! And for all your work with the bake sale. You have a special place in our hearts too:)


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