Sunday, September 29, 2013

4 months.

Today marks our four month "diagnosis anniversary". Four months. And four months five days since he first got sick. He first spiked a fever on May 25th, we got the diagnosis of leukemia on the 29th, and the official diagnosis of Infant ALL on the 30th. Since then we have spent 75+ nights in the hospital (by November it will be over 100), countless hours in the clinic, and have put numerous miles on our car driving back and forth to Brenner. We have also sold a house, bought a house, and made the Ronald McDonald House our second home. Watts has had 60+ days of chemo, 8 lumbar punctures, 2 surgeries, 3 ng tubes, 2 central lines, 2 central line repairs, 5 bone marrow biopsies, 2 EKGs, 10 nights (intubated and sedated) in the PICU, 1 ambulance ride, 6 ultrasounds, 4 ER visits, 1 blood stream infection, 2 contaminated blood cultures (resulting in 15 extra hospital days), and numerous dressing changes. Gideon Watts, the warrior, indeed.

We grieve that this day exists but celebrate the life and bravery of this little guy. It is an honor to be his mama.



We are now home! Watts nursed, crawled around, laughed with his sister, and is now sleeping. After looking back at posts about the very first round of MTX, I was reminded that he is currently doing SO much better than he did before. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. Keep'm coming...we're not out of the woods yet.

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