Saturday, September 7, 2013

Morning update

Watts is doing great. He slept well last night, only has a low grade, and overall is his normal goofball self. It is so, so, good for us to see and puts a lot of worries at bay. The doctors still haven't rounded today and we haven't found out specifically what kind of infection is going on but we were told yesterday that his behavior is one of the biggest indicators of how his little body is handling and fighting the infection. 
If that's the case, then I think Watts is kicking the infection's butt! Please keep praying for protection for his little body, for his ANC to rise, and for strength and patience for Piper, Watts, and me.

Edited to add: 
Doctors just rounded and the infection is coagulase negative staph in his line (the same infection that he had before), ANC is still at zero, and he needs another platelet transfusion. This is one of the "good" bloodstream infections to have so we are thankful! It does bring up some questions about possible line contamination... This is a new Hickman since the last infection so it has not been residing there all along, which leads us to question how he has acquired it twice in the last month. The team is going to be doing some investigation but seemed pleased with how well Watts is doing.


  1. Well, if his smiling little face is any indicator, looks like he is feeling better and claiming the victory! Continuing to pray for all of you and your medical team... God Bless you all.

  2. What wonderful news! It's so encouraging to hear that he is smiling, being goofy, and conquering the infection. As always, we are continuing to pray!


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