Sunday, September 8, 2013


Watts is doing great. No fevers, no more positive cultures, and his ANC is a little higher today( (100).  Dr Castellino, one of the attendings, seems to think that the positive culture was not really a blood stream infection but was a contaminated culture from when the ER drew the blood. This would definitely be best case scenerio. Tomorrow they are going to try taking him off all antibiotics to see if his fever comes back. If it doesn't and cultures continue to come back negative, we might be going home in a couple days! I was thinking that we would be doing a 10 day regimen of antibiotics so anything less than that would be great. 

Tomorrow morning Watts will be getting some chemo (vincristine), a lumbar puncture with more chemo drugs (methotrexate, hydrocortisone, and another that I can't remember), and he'll start back on those crazy steroids. All of these were suppose to be done outpatient, but we are happy that we can stay on track with treatment and do them while we are here. We are also still doing daily neupogen shots to boost his white blood count.

Off to snuggle my now-sleeping wild man.


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