Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday smiles.

Today was a better day for our sweet boy! Maybe it was because Gigi was in town and worked her grandma magic on him, or possibly because he knows after tomorrow he'll get a break from steroids, or maybe because it feels like Fall outside... whatever it is, we'll take it!

At clinic yesterday we learned that his ANC dropped from 1700 (boosted up from neupogen shots) to 600 after discontinuing the shots. The doctors aren't sure if his counts are on their way up or down so we've been told to lay low this weekend. We are scheduled to start the next phase of his protocol on monday morning if his counts are above 750 and his platelets are above 75 (platelets are currently 40). It is looking there will probably be some kind if delay unless we see some major jumps in counts over the weekend...which may not be such a bad thing to have some more time at home before starting this next intense round of treatment, although I always hate delays.

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