Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 2 (Rambles)

I bounce a lot. During the most uncomfortable times for Watts in the hospital,  the Ergo seems to calm him down, especially if I rock back and forth and up and down. For hours sometimes. His body smooshed up against mine must remind him of being in the womb, he quiets and drifts off to sleep almost immediately.

Michael is here, which is the blessed part of having hospital stays fall over the weekend (Michael's weekend is Friday and Saturday). It makes a huge difference for me to have my partner/teammate close by. So much of our days, it feels, is "divide and conquer". Michael faithfully works every day at the church and handles so much of the house and money stuff. My role is mostly medical and children-oriented. I schedule and go to appointments with Watts, navigate through Watts' protocol, line-up care for Piper, and do the bulk of all hospital stays. During the inpatient week days, Michael comes to relieve me after work and tries (when we have overnight help for Piper) to always spend the night in the hospital room with us. I think both Watts and I sleep better with Michael/Papa close by.

Watts is hanging in. We have three more hours of HD Methotrexate and then they'll start the recovery drug. Yesterday Watts was grumpy and irritable after the lumbar puncture (who wouldn't be?!) but today he seems happier except for having a foley in...he spends half the day clawing at it. [He has the catheter in to keep the chemo pee off of his little bottom.] His urine will be checked at 42, 48, and 72 hours to see how his little body is clearing the drug. We will get to go home when the level is below 0.1...typically 72-96 hours after chemo first started. Side effects will start showing up 4-7 days post chemo. 

Please pray for sweet Watts. And us. But mostly Watts. This is a powerful drug that wrecked havoc on his little body last time. We want the drug to do its dirty work of killing leukemia cells and then for it to get the heck out of his body. Untouched, Lord-willing.


  1. Still praying, cousins.....for protection over that sweet body. May he be WHOLE when he comes through this.


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