Monday, September 16, 2013

Welcome back, sweet boy.

The steroid cloud has lifted and we have our Watty back. Thank you, Lord! I am sure there are some lingering effects of steroids in his system, but, when I set him on the ground to play earlier today, he crawled towards some toys instead of becoming hysterical. He also didn't scream and smack Piper when she touched him at lunch or have separation anxiety when I walked out of the room to get my phone. So very thankful.

I took Watts to clinic this morning and found out that all of his counts have dropped. He doesn't need any transfusions at this point, but we definitely will not be starting chemo today as originally scheduled. We will check his counts again on Thursday to see whether they have recovered at all. Although no one likes to delay treatment, time at home NOT on steroids will be a blessing this week.

For those that are curious, we just finished up the Re-Induction phase of treatment and are about to start the Consolidation phase. It is 49 days long and involves a lot of inpatient time. We will be doing 2 stays inpatient for HD Methotrexate (4 days long each), 1 stay for Etopside (5 days), and 1 stay for HD Cytarabine (21 days). Watts will also be getting triple intrathecal therapy with MTX, Hydrocortisone, and ARAC to start off the Consolidation round. After the Consolidation phase is over, most of Watts' chemo will be outpatient!

Through all of this, please be praying for his little immune system and organs. We want the leukemia cells to die, but we also want the powerful chemo drugs to leave the rest of his organs and his immune system unharmed.

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