Monday, August 5, 2013

Play time.

Watts is a wild man, super happy and very active...and his ANC reflected that today! It jumped from 0 to 168 so we might be going home late tomorrow if his numbers continue to look good. So very thankful.

Until then, I'm going to keep watching Shark Week every spare moment that I get (until I get home to no cable).I am mildly obsessed and regretfully stayed up till 11pm watching it. Not smart when every machine decides to malfunction during the night. Ha!


  1. Van Patters-
    SO happy that his ANC has jumped! Prayers have been answered! I hope that the numbers continue to jump and that you will be out of Brenner soon and able to go to the beach for your birthday! :) Praying for y'all!

  2. You are oh so beautiful smiling at your boy in that first picture!

  3. Great. News! I do hope you get to be home for your birthday..wish it could be the beach. Hugs to all of you!


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