Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back for more.

Watts got admitted for scheduled chemo yesterday and, even though we just left two days ago, we are so thankful to be back "on schedule" and not here for an infection. So far, side effects have been non-existent. These five days are suppose to be much easier on our sweet boy. He does have a slight cold that he picked up from Piper, but the doctors aren't worried at all about it.

On a different note, we are currently under contract for both our house AND the house that we have been eyeing for about a year down the street. This has been in the works for the last couple weeks but I keep forgetting to update about it. We are excited and should close on both at the end of the month! Last hurdle to overcome is a cracked heat exchanger the inspector found in our current house... And then the move!

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  1. Oh look at that sweet boy. He is such a cutie!! Here's hoping the side effects are minimal and he doesn't have to suffer through another round of mucousitis (not sure the spelling) or anything similar.

    Not having any experience with chemo - are the meds fed through his NG tube? I remember you posting about the yellow color and that looks like what's going through the tube... just curious how it all works.


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