Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Homeward bound, here's hoping!

I don't handle transitions very well. Or maybe I handle transitions really well and over-compensate? I don't know, really. All I know is that when I find out that we are going to be discharged, I go into manic packing mode and do not like my efforts to be thwarted. I'm sorry, babe. All that to say, I am packed, Watts is napping, and we are set to discharge when he finishing his dose of Vancomycin in a couple hours. We'll be home till Friday then will come back to clinic to check his counts and possibly re-admit for a 5 day chemo stay. They are doubtful that his counts will be high enough, which is just fine with me. If that's the case, we'll come back Monday to check them again.

We had a sweet little family slumber party in the hospital room last night and all slept pretty decently. I needed both babies under the same roof and Piper was thrilled to oblige. She wore her scrubs and packed her owl suitcase and delighted all the nurses and staff (without saying a word, of course... nurses are her heros but still "strangers" according to Piper). It was a fun way to end this tedious nine day hospital stay.

We are very ready for some family time at home and very thankful that Watts' infection was minor and that he is back to his wild, crazy active self. I don't like taking a break from chemo but it has been nice to see Watts come to life while taking this unplanned break from the hard drugs.

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