Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Home again.

We barely made it home yesterday. Like some depressing soap opera, we had the drama of having one of watts' lumens (from his central line) rupture as they were flushing it before we left. They are thinking that some blood clotted in it during the last 9 days (even though he was on IV fluids the whole time) and it burst with the pressure of flushing it. 


Thankfully, the surgeon just happened to be in the room next to us and was able to fix it without watts having to have surgery. . .which is what we were thinking was going to have to happen.

Four hours and a super-sized central line (it's about 8 inches longer now) later, we got home.

We ate a yummy dinner from the spooner's (thank you!), took a walk around the neighborhood, and got the babies to bed early. Watts then proceeded to be up all night long. Poor little fellow is more use to the hospital now than he is being home and was just very out-of-sorts. It is still so good to be home, though, even with the sleepless night.

This morning we dragged ourselves out of bed and went to the Sci-quarium. More on that later... Now I'm going to nap too. Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes along this crazy journey! 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Hannah! So glad you can be home for your special day! I hope you have a great day! Love, Laura Schoeck


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