Saturday, August 3, 2013

Perks to being more inpatient than outpatient (in the last two months)

-You don't have to buy diapers.
-You have a constant supply of fresh linens.
-You have a night team constantly checking on your boy so your role switches to shooing them away (instead of worrying about him yourself).
-Daily mopping.
-Music therapy and Art therapy!
-Having a team of doctors and nurses a button-push away.
-The suspense of waiting for the daily ANC blood count is better than any of the latest thrillers.
-Living for days (and weeks) in a hospital room makes your small house seem huge.
-Your tolerance for chaos grows on a daily basis.
-You realize that you aren't missing anything by not having cable at home...except for Food Network and HGTV. I mean, what in the world is Honey Boo Boo?? But I might die if you take away Chopped or Renovation Raiders.
-You start longing for normalcy...even daily chores and cooking seem so, so appealing. Not ironing, though. Never ironing.


  1. Love the list - a positive outlook on what is indeed a difficult situation :) And I totally agree about the TV options... I think I stayed tuned into both those stations during our (much shorter) stay. There was a show, something like Worst Cook in America that was pretty entertaining.

    We'll be at Brenners for a 24-ish hour stay the 15th/16th. If you are there and would like to get together, let me know! I probably won't know how mobile we'll be until that day but it's worth mentioning. Not sure how often you check your email, but figured you would see comments pretty regularly.

  2. Perspective is an amazing thing. Loved seeing some humor here... And, you are right about ironing! Nothing, absolutely nothing, would make ironing look good!!


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