Monday, August 26, 2013

Admitted...or not.

We have found that it is best to hold very loosely to plans these days and to learn to laugh when things change at the last minute. Or at least try to. Michael dropped Watts and me off at Brenner this morning at 7:45am for our scheduled lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspirate, and chemotherapy. We had been told repeatedly that we would be admitted for four days, and had, obviously, planned accordingly. As of last night, our house is almost 100% packed up, my mom, Suzi, and Josiah are up to keep Piper, and we have a Ronald McDonald room reserved for the next four nights. We even took a last family photo in front of our soon-to-be old house.

After arriving at Brenner, however, I was told that the doctors had taken another look at Watts' protocol and decided that he can do outpatient chemo for two days and only admit for the last two. I laughed when they told me. Of all the hospital stays, this would be the stay where they send us home.

So, we are back home. We are going to go buy some milk, unpack the silverware, and enjoy two more days at our house. I'll go to clinic with Watts tomorrow morning for more chemo then will admit for two days starting on Wednesday morning. At least I think that is the plan;)

Please pray for logistics of the move (close on Wednesday, move on Thursday), for Watts' little body to stay strong during this chemo round (while all leukemia cells die, die, die), for Piper's transition to the new house, and for supernatural strength and peace for Michael and me.


  1. Your laughter must have brought God great joy! It was an example of you trusting in His plan and not your own. Oh Hannah, thank you for being so open and candid during this trial. Our faith is increased as you share from your heart. Hugs and prayers.

  2. Supernatural is RIGHT! I think you're already experiencing the supernatural strength of God as you go through the house sale/move on top of everything else. You're awesome - love the attitude and you all are in our prayers constantly. ~ Aunt Jenny


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