Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oops. And transfusion.

Well, the last blog post from the 31st (not the thank you one) was accidentally posted so I'm sorry for the somewhat raw, unfinished post... I write a lot more than I actually post on here and most of it just sits as drafts forever, a place to dump thoughts and unfiltered feelings. I'm taking it down but If I ever finish it I'll repost it.


We just started the IVIG transfusion and are getting labs rechecked because his hemoglobin level was extremely low. If they come back low again, we'll stay several more hours to get a blood transfusion. Convenient that we are already here though! 

UPDATED: hemoglobin came back the same (6.6, a 2 point drop from last week) so watts and I will stay for blood after the IVIG finishes. Long day.

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