Thursday, January 9, 2014

Low counts.

After having his ANC (absolute neutrophil count) hover around 3400 the last 4-5 weeks, yesterday we were surprised when it came back as 422. A drastic drop in a matter of a week, but nothing unusual for infants on 6mp (chemo drug). In fact, although I hate that he is now considered severely neutropenic and susceptible to a lot of possible infections (during flu season no less!), it is good to see that his WBC (white blood count) is being impacted by the chemo drug. If his WBC is getting hit hard, then hopefully so is any possible leukemia cells. We will just hunker down a bit more, mask up more frequently, and wash our hands more obsessively.

So, because his ANC is so low, we will be taking a week off of all treatment to give his bone marrow a chance to recover. No clinic, no IV MTX, no at-home chemo. It'll be the first week not going to Brenner in almost 8 months! We will recheck counts next Wednesday and restart back on treatment on Thursday if his ANC is higher than 500. 

In other news, Watts' hair is growing back. I surprisingly miss his bald head but also love the soft fuzz that is coming in all over. This hair will most likely fall out again during the next inpatient stay but who knows! The doctors and nurses joke that Watts must have great hair follicles, as evidenced by him holding onto his hair for so many months of intense treatment, so he might just hang on to it.

Hard to believe that this was his head about 7 months ago... just when we noticed him losing a little bit.

And now...

Okay, so maybe it is hard to see, but it is coming in... mostly blond with a few really dark patches.

If you think of Watts, please pray that he stays infection and virus-free, 
as well as the rest of us. Thank you!

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