Thursday, January 23, 2014

Half birthday.

The four of us had a little birthday party the other night to celebrate Watts turning a year and a half. He was mesmerized by the candles and loved us singing to him but wouldn't eat a bite of his cupcake. Funny boy. He preferred eating his normal bowl of orzo pasta with butter and parmesan cheese...we've moved on from peanut butter crackers and macaroni and cheese now.

Cancer has a way of making small things like half birthdays feel monumental and celebratory. The last 8 months since receiving Watts' diagnosis have been painful and unbelievably challenging, but there has also been intense beauty and sweetness in the midst of it all. . . almost more so because of what we were going through as a family. Just as it has turned most of life upside down, it seems to have also shifted the lens through which we look at life. Small things are worth celebrating. Today is worth living in fully. His grace truly is sufficient for today, His mercies new every morning. Too often I've lived with my eyes fixed on the next "big thing" coming up... and have missed the wonder of today.

Six months ago on Watts' first birthday, we had just been discharged from a methotrexate round of chemo and Watts was not feeling himself at all. He has come a long, long way since then. Praise Jesus.


Watts made counts yesterday (1200 ANC with awesome platelets and hemoglobin) so we are heading to Brenner in a few hours for five days of inpatient treatment. He will be receiving the chemo drug etopside and cytoxan. Historically, this has been an easier drug on Watty's body but he does tend to stop eating. Please pray for protection over his little body from short-term (and long-term) side-effects, for the chemo to do its job, for an appetite, and for sleep.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this and reminding me of the beauty in the little things of today. I love this post and will be praying particularly for the next 5 days at Brenner!


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