Saturday, January 25, 2014

Etopside stay so far.

As of this morning, Watts has two days of chemo and an IVIG transfusion under his belt. It has been interesting adjusting back to being in the hospital, this time with a very active, walking toddler. Goodness! Entertaining him, walking the halls, and even sleeping at night has gotten so much more complicated. Watts, thankfully, seems to be adjusting well and last night slept about 10x better than he did two nights ago...Benadryl that he gets for 24 hrs post-IVIG might have helped with that too.

Due to there being lots of babies up on 9th right now, we are in a non-pressurized room (a pressurized room has double doors and air only circulates out, clean air comes in to decrease infection risk) and can actually open our door to the hall and wave to nurses and other patient friends as they walk past. I think this is only the second time we've been in a room like this and it definitely helps for sanity.

Please pray for Watts as he has three chemo days remaining, patience for us, and protection from icky hospital germs. Piper was also awake last night not feeling well so pray that she is on the mend soon... in the meantime, she won't be able to come up to the hospital. EDITED TO ADD: Piper now has a fever so my mom is checking out of RMH and Michael is taking her to our pediatrician, which ironically is probably where she caught the bug in the first place (we went to check Watts counts last Wednesday... even though she was stroller-bound the whole time?!).

Pictures from our stay so far...


  1. Where did you get that shirt!?

    1. Michael screen-printed it! It is a lyric from a song he wrote for the Meager Fare album. I know they sold them for awhile...message him if you are interested in one!


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