Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sweet smiles.

This little guy hasn't thrown up in two days AND has been eating more solids! 

Some other fun things Watts has been doing lately:

He has been parroting a lot of words and his new obsession is to repeat "I know". Say, for example, I'm talking on the phone in the car and say something like, "I know it's suppose to be sunny tomorrow..." Within seconds, I'll hear a high-pitch echo from the back saying, "I know! I know! I know!" Of course we think it's does he.

He has taken to kissing a lot. Every night when I try to coerce him to go to sleep he will kiss me around twenty times...on my cheeks, lips, and will even pull my head down so he can kiss my forehead. Delaying sleep, yes, but still so cute!

He is also becoming quite the (almost) two-year-old. "No" is his favorite word and you can count on him running in the opposite direction if you tell him to come to you.


And a picture of our girl. She is sporting hypafix because she wanted to be like Watts. I don't think Michael or I could possibly say enough about our daughter and her bravery, creativity, and enthusiasm for life. She has made the past 10 months, no, the past 3 and 1/2 years immeasurably more delightful.

Some Piper quotes as of late:

"Mama, you weren't listening to me and that actually hurt my feelings!"

After rhyming a million words and trying to make jokes, Piper said, "Watts, you have toes in your nose... No, wait! You have a hose in your nose!" And then both kids pointed to the NG tube and laughed hysterically.

Piper randomly said this to me after seeing a bird out of the car window: "Mama, remember, it is usually the smallest sparrow that God chooses."

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  1. I love that you're taking the time to enjoy and journal these moments in time in the midst of the journey! Thanks for sharing them too. Still laughing about "hose in your nose!" :) -Diane (friend of both your moms)


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