Monday, April 28, 2014

No-fever dance.

The kids and I went to check Watts' counts this morning and, as expected, Watts' ANC is zero. This means that he is severely neutropenic and incredibly susceptible to infections, fevers, etc. The neutropenia is due to his last round of treatment (the chemo can't differentiate between healthy and mutated white blood cells and wipes out all of them).

Please pray that Watts remains healthy during this time and that his counts recover quickly. We are giving him daily injections of the drug neupogen to help his WBC (white blood count) recover and obviously keeping him isolated at home.

Other than the neutropenia, Watts is doing great. He seems happy to be home and is his normal active, goofy self. We are adjusting to not having the convenience of the ng tube and are learning how to give his medications orally. Watts' appetite is okay right now but he will only eat if he is out of his high chair and if we pop the food in his mouth as he plays...he is just too busy to slow down, I guess! Current foods that he'll tolerate are: Larabars, Veggie sticks, and sometimes Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets or aged cheddar. He also still nurses 3-4 times a day. I may or not have googled, "Can a toddler survive on Larabars and breast milk only?" Haha!

PS. Watts challenged the front sidewalk to a fight and I'm not sure who won:) Thankfully this was before his counts dropped otherwise we probably would have been a lot more panicked about the scratches (open wounds are not, not good while neutropenic).
We definitely have a rough-in-tumble boy on our hands!

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