Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 1.

One day of chemo is down! Michael, Watts, and I got to Brenner this morning at 9am and had an appointment on clinic-side with Dr Russell. He gave the green light to admit for this week of chemo so Watts had his port accessed and we headed over to Rm 911 (ominous number, no?). 

Watts had a two hours of fluid followed by two hours of Etopside, thirty minutes of Cytoxan, and a couple hours of Mesna. So far, so good. We have four more days of the exact same drugs and we're hopeful that Watts will tolerate this drug cocktail just as well as he has in the past (with minimal side effects and no medical drama). We'll discharge late Friday afternoon and return home for count recovery.

We are so thankful to be starting our last scheduled hospital stay and so glad to see our beloved nurses as well as the awesome Ronald McDonald staff! 

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