Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 5. I can hardly believe it!

Watts is napping. His head, newly covered with blond fuzz rests up under my chin and his legs are tucked up against my belly as he sleeps. The shades are drawn here in 911 and the sound machine drowns out the voices from the people next door and the hustle and bustle from the hallway.

Michael is taking load after load of our stuff down to the car so that when the last drop of Mesna drips into his port in less than an hour, we can walk out of here. Say our goodbyes, take a few pictures, and go HOME.

What a day! Tears have easily for me as I reflect back on how far we've come. Today we choose to live in joy and without fear and we celebrate that THIS IS OUR LAST SCHEDULED INPATIENT STAY! Forever and ever, amen.

The hero of the, the last 11 months.

Notice something missing? The NG tube was pulled out today in hopes of clearing up a lingering cough and ongoing nasal discharge He has been eating great while off of his at-home chemo, 6-mp, so the doctors decided to pull the NG tube out for the two weeks we'll be home and off chemo during count recovery. If he miraculously keeps his appetite up when he starts back on the 6-mp, then he'll get to keep it out. If not, then they'll put it back in and hopefully the cough/irritation in his throat will have had a chance to heal by then. Regardless, we are loving seeing his whole face for really the first time (for longing than a quick tube change) in almost a year!


  1. What a handsome boy. He is such a strong kid, and you are such a strong mama Han. Love you.

  2. Reading post today and had not said anything when Olivia seeing the picture asks, "Is that Watts?" I said, "Yes." She exclaimed, "He doesn't have the tube anymore! Do you know how long it has been since I have seen a picture without the tube?" Tori then contributed, " I know they must be happy."

    Love to you all!! Continuing to pray for your family!!


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