Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Admitted for fever.

Well, we are back in 911... We've been joking with the nurses that we just missed them too much and had to come back. 

Watts' temperature continued to hover right under 100 this afternoon but his behavior seemed to grow more lethargic and pitiful. At 3pm, Michael came home due to my increasing concern and we called Brenner to set up a last minute appointment. We just wanted some other eyes on him before the clinic closed at 5pm. We are NOT fans of coming through the ER after hours. By the time we got to Brenner at 4:30 (due to horrible, horrible traffic), his temperature was 101.8 which is an automatic admittance. Cultures were drawn, antibiotic and fluids started, and Watts finally got some Tylenol and seemed to start feeling better.

So now we're here again... Lord willing, his cultures will be negative tomorrow. At this point, they are not running a virus panel on him because his only symptoms are a fever and lethargy. If his cultures come back negative, then most likely the fevers are simply his body's response to the neutropenia. 

Regardless of the cause of the fevers, we need four things to get us out of here: 1) he needs to be afebrile (no fever), 2) he needs negative cultures, 3) his counts have to recover (or at least be trending up), and 4) he has to look well. Most likely we will be here through the weekend but we should know more once the cultures come back. 

At this moment, Watts is sleeping, Piper is giddy to be spending the night in the hospital, and Michael and I are tired but hanging in. Thank you for the prayers coming our way. 

Updated to add: Watts' temperature went back up to 102 with Tylenol. We are keeping a close eye on him and hoping for some good rest for his fever-weary body tonight.

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