Thursday, February 27, 2014



For Watts not getting a fever over the weekend. Thank you, Jesus.

For the extra 10 ounces of weight that Watts gained two weeks ago...
he has now lost those ounces due to being sick, but it is wonderful that he had that extra cushion. 
[He's appetite is slowly returning so we'll start playing catch-up again soon.]

For the Arts for Life volunteers who did projects with Piper on Monday 
when we were at Brenner for IVIG and chemo. What an amazing program!

For sibling love that seems to be growing by the day. 

For late night root beer floats for tired parents. Glasses of wine are nice too.

For a beautiful weekend and time outside in the sun and finally raking the leaves from the fall.

And photos from the past week...

These two were little troopers at Brenner (for 6 hours!) on Monday for IVIG and chemo. I expected the doctors to reschedule the appt and was NOT planning on doing this solo with both kids, but with 5 minutes notice before we had to leave, I didn't really have a choice. They did great, thankfully. 
Not going to lie, I cried tears of fear on the way there, though. And tears of relief on the way home.

He's becoming quite the explorer...

But still likes to nap on me (sometimes at home, all the time at the hospital).

The kids "decorated" the guest room for me and were very excited to show me the different "rooms" and "dance floor". This is one of the first times they have played together on their own initiative for longer than 2 seconds, so I had to document the moment.

 Some of the meds from the last seven days... Ugh.

And a sweet shot of my sweet little man.

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