Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A little letter.

Dear Wednesday, looks like you'll be the day we break out of here. Just waiting on doctors to confirm. Dear babe, you are a rockstar dad. Thanks for your joy and strength and the way you selflessly lead. Some days I just watch you from across the room and mentally take pointers on how you love and care for our babies. And my heart gets all fluttery too. Dear Pipes, you are amazing. What a delight it is to be your mommy! Dear Watty boy, you are strong and resilient and the funniest little guy around. But, no more fevers, okay? Dear Brenner nurses, you all are the best of the best and care for us so well. We love you all. Dear home, absense makes the heart grow fonder. Cannot wait to be back inside your walls.

*Letter format modeled after this. Awesome blog.

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