Monday, February 17, 2014

Lumbar puncture.

The lumbar puncture went well this morning. While he was sedated, he also got a new NG tube and his monthly Synagis shots. I'm very glad we didn't have to do those while he was awake. We are now home, have given his first steroid dose (ugh!), and are deeming today a "Watts day." Sedation drugs + chemo + zofran + steroids + Synagis shots = a cranky and loopy little guy. At the moment he is dancing in a circle to music from Aladdin while growling and moaning intermittently. Poor buddy.

We also received good news while in clinic: Watts has put on several ounces in the last couple of weeks and has put himself up into the 50% range! This is such a relief. If he continues gaining weight, we are planning to stop his nightly feeds (8 ounces of Pediasure) after his next hospitalization in eight weeks. If he does well without the nightly feeds for a few weeks, we will most likely be taking the NG tube out. We have been so thankful for the NG tube over the last almost nine months, but it will be wonderful to see his little face with the tube and tape on it.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts this morning! Please continue praying for minimal side effects for Watts while on these five days of steroids...they are just so, so hard on his little body.

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