Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Still here.

Well, we are still here... Watts is fever free and cultures are negative, but his WBC made no movement from yesterday to today. He squeaked up a little bit on Monday morning and we were hoping that it would be enough to break us out of here. There is some concern on the attending doctor's part, however, that as his ANC recovers, an infection (that might have caused the fever) will emerge. We definitely want to do what is best for Watts but it is also maddenning to be here for unscheduled time. This attending doctor is also a little notorious for being very conservative and cautious, so we wonder if another one of our doctors would have already sent us home.

While we wait, we have been doing a lot of playing, coloring, getting creative with hide-n-seek games, climbing up on the couch and jumping off onto a mattress (Watts is a little dare-devil), reading, doing art, and trying to convince Watts that watching the Disney channel is fun. Michael's been working out of the cafeteria and Piper has been an absolute trooper hanging out with me and Watts. 

Pleae continue praying for Watts to remain fever-free, for no infection to emerge, and for counts to recover asap. Specifically, we need a 1.0 WBC to get us out of here. Prayers for our sanity and extra doses of patience are also apreciated.  


  1. Hannah, Your blog should include 1000 ways to keep preschool children occupied in small places. I am sure it would be a best seller :) Aunt Shirlen

  2. Haha! I would definitely buy a book with that title!


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