Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Morning procedures. [Updated!]

 UPDATED TO ADD: Just got the call that there were NO detectable blasts in Watts' bone marrow!! So thankful. This was expected (and doesn't change his treatment whatsoever) but it is still really, really good news to hear.


We are home. Watts and Piper are down for naps and I just spent an hour curled up on the couch with a mug of ice cream and some online retail therapy. Except I "pinned" instead of really buying anything; I just found myself trying to shut off my mind for awhile.

Totally unrelated picture from yesterday.

The morning procedures went well. Everything happened in a timely fashion and he was in and out of sedation in no time at all, complete with a dressing change and a new NG tube. Side note: the anesthesiologist said that Watts has built up such a tolerance to sedation medication that, per kilo, this morning he had 14x what it would take to put a grown man to sleep. He said that if I had had the equivalent of what Watts was given for his procedures, I wouldn't be breathing on my own. Good heavens. His PICU days combined with all of his routine sedations for bone marrow biopsies and lumbar punctures have built up quite the tolerance.

In the recovery room, unfortunately, he started throwing up quite a bit and was moved upstairs for observation and fluids. After an hour or so of throwing up and gagging, I noticed that his NG tube was coming back up his throat (not sure if this caused the vomiting or if the vomiting made it come back up). It took a few failed attempts to fix it to cause them to put in a whole new tube. Again. Only this time he was fully awake, poor boy. After the second new tube was in, he stopped throwing up and passed out in my arms. He slept all the way home and even through being transferred from carseat to crib.

We now await a phone call from his doctor for the preliminary bone marrow results. They should be back by the end of the day. Thanks for the prayers!

Thank you to Alisa for coming along, cleaning up throw-up, and being a great support! 
And to Francie for keeping Piper!

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