Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 11.

No big news today. Counts are still down; getting a blood transfusion in a few minutes. Mouth seems to be bothering him some too (stopped eating/nursing again) but no sign of mouth sores. He also didn't seem to want to sleep last night and was up for about four hours in the middle of the night and no nap this morning either. Crazy boy.


This little guy is growing up. A baby or a toddler? Although I'll keep calling him my baby till he's probably ten, he is looking like a toddler more and more every day. I love, love, love him.


  1. So sweet. Love the duck photo. He looks like he is loving on it like you have loved on him. Praying for all of you and sleep tonight.

  2. He just makes me melt, such a sweet boy. Thank you so much for documenting your journey in such candid detail....


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