Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 6 and 7.

We are watching a movie and having another family sleepover in 912. Piper is cuddled up with her papa on the air mattress and Watts is already snoozing in his bed. 7 days down!

Yesterday and today have been "busy" playing, taking wagon rides, and, of course, helicopter watching. He is still fever-free and looking great. His weight did drop down 1 lb since he admitted a week ago so I am upping the pumping and feeds and hope to see some weight increase before the end of the week. The doctors don't seem concerned at this point but don't want to see any more weight loss. 

Some people have asked what our room looks like so here are some pictures of our home away from home:

We're all fancy this stay and have shelves and a gate!

Playmat and toys are the hospital's.

Watts' bed (and him napping). We store the air mattress above his bed.

Nurse's station/corner.

Our Thanksgiving tree.

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